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 Webuzo 4.1.1 Launched (0 Replies, Read 1851 times)
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The Webuzo Team has released version 4.1.1 which includes some improvements and bug-fixes.

1) [Feature] Added support for DirectAdmin import.

2) [Feature] Added clone feature for Feature sets and Plans.

3) [Feature] Added support for OneDrive in Backup

4)[Improvement] If Netmask of the primary IP is missing in Webuzo then
now Webuzo will automatically fetch it and add it in Webuzo.

5) [Improvement] Apps added via Application manager will be now added in Backup and then can be restored further.

6) [Improvement] Added Multi checkbox in Ipblock/Advancedns/Mxentry to delete multiple records.

7) [Improvement] Added user default plan option in Quota modification in global dropdown.

8) [Improvement] Improved validation of Port range for the applications.

9) [Improvement] Fixed /home permission to 0711 so other user's won't be able to see the list of other users.

10) [Improvement] Improved search in cPanel import.

11)[Improvement] Now handling adding/removing of Nodejs binaries for
jailed user's on installation/removal of Nodejs applications.

12) [Improvement] Alt-php is now available in Nginx/OLS for Cloudlinux

13)[Task] Added setting to forcefully redirecting to Webuzo Secure
ports(2005, 2003), you can enable setting from Admin panel->Panel

14) [Task] Added Next/Previous button to view Bandwidth usage in Enduser.

15) [Task] Now cgroupv2 can be enabled on single click.

16) [Task] Added new version of Modsec OWASP vendor in Apache/Nginx/OLS

17) [Task] Added pagespeed module in Apache.

18) [Bug-Fix] Rebranding was not reflecting on login page. This is fixed.

19) [Bug-Fix] SSL was not Installing while adding domains/users. This is fixed

20) [Bug-Fix] Download logs of OLS was not working. This is fixed.

21) [Bug-Fix] Default FTP accounts were not restored when deleted users are restored from Backup. This is fixed

22)[Bug-Fix] When FTP account creatred with FTP path
/home/username/public_html then 403 forbidden error occured on sites in
the cause of Openlitespeed webserver. This is fixed.

23) [Bug-Fix] In mariadb103 default db user was not created. This is fixed.

24) [Bug-Fix] <textarea> tag was causing issue in web template editor. This is fixed.

Launched in Release Candidate (03-10-2023)
Launched in Stable (04-10-2023)

Please stay tuned for more and if you have any suggestions, do let us know by emailing it to sales@webuzo.com
The Webuzo Team

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