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 How to link to a downloadable file (1 Replies, Read 1717 times)
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I'm using the old SitePad editor on an older site. I understand that I can't just add a link to a file to a text anchor and there seems to be no way to upload a file to the site except by using the "Download" button. BUT when I try to drag this button to where I want it, it opens a new left-hand column and puts the button in it. Then all my current text is scrunched up into a narrow column to the right of the button.

How do I add the button to, or underneath, current text in a current column?  A
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How to link to a downloadable file
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I personally have no experience with the old editor. The new editor also includes (and probably the same) download widget.
Here are some tips to shrink the button:
  1. Under the Download Button tab, delete the download text and replace it with the smallest possible empty space text with the Non-Breakable Space code:  
  2. Under the Button Style tab: create Custom Size 1
  3. If this is not enough you can send me the web page link where I can see the layout. I will then see what more is needed.
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