WordPress Admin Manage Sets

You can create sets of common WordPress plugins and themes in Softaculous Admin Panel which you can directly install on the websites instead of going and installing each plugin and theme separately. Here is the guide to do the same.

Add Plugins/Themes from wordpress.org

  1. Go to your Softaculous admin panel and click on Software

2. In the Software section of Softaculous Admin panel, navigate to the Manage WordPress Sets.

3. Click on Create Sets to enter the name of the new set you want to create and then click on Create to create a new empty set as shown:

4. Once the empty set is created, it will appear in the List of Sets below. You can now add the Plugins and Themes to this set.

5. To add a plugin or theme to the set, click on Add Plugins or Add Themes, respectively.

6. Respective pop-up will appear. Search for the plugin or theme you want to add and then click on Add.

7. After adding, you can view the list of plugins and themes you have added in the set by clicking on the following icon:

8. 10. A pop-up will appear showing the list of plugins and themes added to the set.

9.  If you want to remove some Plugin/Theme from the set, click on Actions button. Options Remove Plugins and Remove Themes will appear. Say you want to remove some plugin, then click on Remove Plugins option.

10.  A pop-up will appear displaying the plugins in the set. Select the plugin you want to remove and then click on Remove. Selected plugin will be removed from the set.

11. You can view the set created in the Softaculous enduser panel while installing WordPress as shown below:

Adding Custom Plugins/Themes in Set

You can now add the custom plugins/themes in the wordpress set from the Softaculous admin panel. Please navigate to the Softaculous admin panel-> Software-> Manage WordPress Sets

1. Click on the Add custom plugin/theme as shown below to add a new custom plugin/theme to the created set.

2. Now fill out the custom plugin/theme name, slug and then upload the custom plugin/theme zip file and then add the custom plugin/theme to the set.

3. After adding the custom plugin/theme set, you can view it as shown below:

4. You can now view the set created with custom plugin/theme in the Softaculous enduser panel while installing WordPress.

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