Custom WordPress Package

This guide will help you how to modify the existing WordPress package in Softaculous and add it as a Custom Script.

For testing your Custom Script on your localhost before uploading it to your server you can download AMPPS and install it:

First you need to choose a name for your custom package and a softaculous name (a short simple name without any special chars) for your custom package.
In this guide we take the following names as an Example :
Name : My WordPress Package 
Softaculous Name : mywp

NOTE : The package files should be placed the the /path/to/scripts/SOFTNAME/ directory with the same name as the Softaculous name you choose for adding the script in Softaculous. In this case /var/softaculous/mywp/*

Copy the WordPress package

First copy the original WordPress package files to your custom package directory.

mkdir /var/softaculous/mywp/
cp -r /var/softaculous/wp/* /var/softaculous/mywp/

You have now copied the package to your custom package directory.

Rename the package files

Now rename the files to make it work with your custom Softaculous name.

mv /var/softaculous/mywp/ /var/softaculous/mywp/
mv /var/softaculous/mywp/wp.sql /var/softaculous/mywp/mywp.sql

NOTE: If the and wp.sql is not there at /var/softaculous/wp/ then you will need to install wordpress on your server so that the and wp.sql will be downloaded at /var/softaculous/wp/ since Softaculous by default download small script package without the zip and sql file.

Add your Custom Content

  • Unzip the and add your custom content i.e. plugins or themes as you require.
  • Now Zip the package and make sure the ZIP package contains the files directly and not in a sub-directory. The following should be the directory structure of your ZIP package :
and so on

Add your content in SQL file

  • Add your the custom content you need in the mywp.sql file.
  • You might need to make changes in SQL to activate your themes/plugins.
  • Hint : You can install the theme/plugin in a test WordPress installation and take the changes from the database of that installation.

Add branches to the custom script

To list the custom script as branches, add the custom_branch tag in the info.xml of all the custom scripts as below:


Here, the 10001 and 10002 are the script id of the custom scripts.

Modify other files (if needed)

Generally it is not required to modify any files but if you need you can modify the wp-config.php or any other file to make any changes you require.

Make any other final changes you want.

Add the package to Softaculous

  • Once you have the package ready add it to Softaculous. You can refer to the following guide on how to add a package to Softaculous : Adding Custom Scripts

Test the package

  • That’s it! You have successfully created a custom WordPress package.
  • Now it’s time to test your package and make sure it works fine.

If you need to make a completely fresh package from scratch you may refer to the following guide : Making Custom Package

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