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Why Migrate to Softaculous ?

Softaculous is used by majority of the datacenters and hosting companies to offer a better and actively developed auto installer to their valued customers. Since 2009 most of the hosting companies have been moving away from Fantastico to Softaculous. The easy to use Import utility makes the migration process like a breeze for server admins.

Why Softaculous over Fantastico ?

ONE Click Install

380 Apps

Daily Updates

Easy to use API & SDK


Ratings and Reviews

Backups / Restore

Clone installations

WordPress Themes


24X7 Support

Save Costs

Detailed Comparision

Most importantly it's because of Security

By offering Fantastico you are not only risking your server's security but also security of your users' data.

Softaculous offers latest versions of applications so that your users install latest and secure apps and your users can upgrade their installations to latest versions. This makes your servers secure and improves branding of your hosting company.

Softaculous core is regularly audited by industry experts to make sure your servers are secure.

How easy is it to Migrate ?

1. Install Softaculous (3 commands). Show Commands

2. Import existing installations (1 command). Show Command

3. That's it ! You can now uninstall Fantastico !

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Softaculous pricing is half that of Fantastico and gives you the best value for your money. You will get nothing but appreciation from your customers after the migration.

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Detailed Comparision

Features Softaculous Softaculous Free Fantastico
Number of scripts 380 38 50
Price/year $24 Free $90
VPS Price/year $12 Free $24
User Reviews
PHP Scripts
Perl Scripts
Install Apps using https
Install application using IP
Multilingual Apps
Import Apps from other Auto Installers
Import Manually Installed Apps
Install Apps to international domains (IDN)
Task List
Error Logging
Command Line Interface
Create and Install custom Apps
One Click App Upgrade
Backup and Restore Apps
Uninstall Apps
Create Plans For Users
Re-Branding Option
One Step Install
WHMCS Billing Integration
Addition of Scripts
Common Features
Modify E-mail Templates
Reseller Control Panel
Automated APIs
Multilingual Interface