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 Confused since the last update (0 Replies, Read 277 times)
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I run my own server with a few sites managed by IspManager.
I followed the instructions here https://sitepad.com/docs/admin/installing-sitepad-in-ispmanager/  to install sitepad and purchased the license and it worked well for my clients with a link appearing under "Additional apps".
Sitepad updated itself and all was well until version 1.3.3 when it stopped working, problems with images not appearing and https errors for all images.
I opened a ticket and was told "there is a problem you need to fix to get images", but Sitepad created the problem!
I removed all traces of it from my server and logged in as a user and installed it from the Softaculous panel and it works ok but without premium features.
If my user have to install Sitepad from the Softaculous panel and then purchase their own license then what use is my license?
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