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 Webuzo vps email setup on Amazon EC2, Need to setup email on Amazon EC2 (0 Replies, Read 7314 times)
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How would you suggest to a person supposed a beginner to VPS to configure email server (a VPS with email working) powered by webuzo.

The webmail is not working. Even I am not getting administration emails.

I configured Zoho smtp for the root but I can't test it. There is no way to test it.
The same is what I configured with my wordpress site currently hosted on it using an SMTP plugin and it is working.

But how do I get everything to start working out of the box? like it should be if port 25 is not blocked and the PHP Mail is working.
Like I said earlier I'm using Amazon EC2. I have Had a Cpanel sever before where everything worked.

What are the things I need to configure?
How do I go about it and what is the best way to go about the email configuration on an EC2?

Any help will be greatly appreciated as this is stalling my project.

The support has been unsupportive.

The panel is looking great and I don't like switching around.

I need to make this work so I can decide if I will continue with Webuzo or choose another panel fast.

Thanks in advance.
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