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 How to change Font color (1 Replies, Read 5876 times)
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I've looked everywhere I can think of on how to change the font color of text.

I see a lot of font options, but color is not to be found.

I'm obviously missing something very basic.

Any help appreciated.

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How to change Font color
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You do not tell where you want to change the color.  :squi:  The solution is sometimes a bit hidden away, but there are plenty  :xd:  of possibilities and combinations, such as:
  1. First you can change the color for the whole website: Left general menu: Settings: Website UI: Right Tab Color
  2. Set the color per page: On page left menu: click on gear next to sitePad logo; Close default open Body and Props tab: on Custom Header Footer Code: Add CSS code in Header Code input field
  3. In Rich Text widget: Click on </> button and add CSS style code
  4. In Embed widget: Add CSS style code
  5. As In-Line CSS: In for example Title widget.
  6. In a widget itself: Under Settings or Options menu
With a search like:
html inline css
you can find enough examples for an inline CSS assignment.

You can find your colors via the websites https://www.colorschemer.com/css-color-codes/ or https://html-color-codes.info/

To use all kinds of CSS options: https://htmlcheatsheet.com/css/# can help you to compose the required HTML and CSS code.
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