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 mysql database running, but database not showing in webuzo, database not showing in webuzo control panel and can't connect to database and users (2 Replies, Read 19998 times)
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hello please help me

today i access my web and all is working normaly (this site working normal from fresh install few days ago), then i try to access some page and it's not responding, i try to reload again, but it's showing failed to connect to database, i try to restart mysql and it's start again, but when i check mysql database list, no database there

i check /var/lib/mysql all databases still there, i try to remove then install mysql again, but not still no changes, database not showing and not working.

few days ago, i migrate database from other server to this server, some files is corrupt, but i can solve that and running normal again.

please help me, this database is important. thanks
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mysql database running, but database not showing in webuzo
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Hi, I'M sorry to see you did not get a reply.Maybe you chagned the Mysql password not from Webuzo but SSH for example?Seems links in this topic https://www.softaculous.com/board/index.php?tid=2815 is no more valid.

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mysql database running, but database not showing in webuzo
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Sorry for the delay.

Is your database is restored? or you still face the same issue, if you face the same issue then open a support ticket with us so we shall try to restore your database.
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