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 SitePad 1.3.8 Launched in Stable branch (0 Replies, Read 6679 times)
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We have launched SitePad 1.3.8 in the Stable branch.

1) [Feature] Added settings for SMTP email. Now you can set your SMTP email server in SitePad so that all website-related emails will go from the SMTP server.
2) [Feature] Added the option to save widgets and sections as a Global Widget / Section. Now the user can save the widgets and sections and use them on the entire site.
3) [Feature] Image dropzone has been added to the image property, now the user can add images via drag and drop.
4) [Feature] We have added font styling options in the Options tab of the element.
5) [Feature] Added Pagination option for the Grid gallery.
6) [Task] Added "Snapchat-ghost" icon to the Share widget icons list.
7) [Task] If SitePad could not be loaded from the index.php, an error will be shown.
8) [Task] Added CLI command for refresh license (--refresh-license).
9) [Task] Added error message when the database limit of the hosting account is reached.
10) [Task] Added pointer height option in the Primary menu widget to manage the height of pointers and also added the dropdown alignment option.
11) [Bug-Fix] In certain cases if the MYSQL user name is more than 16 characters then it's unable to create a user for MYSQL. This is fixed.
12) [Bug-Fix] In certain cases the math captcha failed during login. This is fixed.
13) [Bug-Fix] If the custom demo URL was set with only the domain without any protocol, the demo URL was malformed. This is fixed.
14) [Bug-Fix] In certain cases, the video autoplay, loop and mute options were not working properly in the video widget. This is fixed.
15) [Bug-Fix] In some cases, the Pagelayer Editor was unable to load while setting motion effects. This is fixed.
16) [Bug-Fix] The white-label settings were not properly applied to the editor at certain locations. This is fixed.
17) [Bug-Fix] Custom CNAME demo URL was not working. This is fixed.

More exciting features will be launched in the upcoming version.

The SitePad Team
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 jivans   SitePad 1.3.8 Launched in Stable branch (0 Replies, Read 6679 times)

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