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 Webuzo 3.9.4 Launched (2 Replies, Read 5316 times)
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The Webuzo Team has released version 3.9.4 which includes bug fixes.

1)[Improvement]Changed disk and Inodes to show graph of only / partition on disk usage in Admin panel

2)[Bug-Fix]Directory Expanding was not working on disk usage in Enduser. This is fixed

3)[Bug-Fix]Apache status/info was loading on services page causing page loading slow. This is fixed

4)[Bug-Fix]If quota exceeded user's were not able to browse and delete files in Filemanager. This is fixed

5)[Bug-Fix]In previous version we allow *.*domains.com wild card domains which is already fixed was breaking Webuzo service to not start if wildcard domain cert is used for Webuzo service. This is fixed

6)[Bug-Fix]If SSH server backup path is empty it fails to upload backup as it tries to create empty path on SSH server. This is fixed

Launched in Release Candidate(02-06-2023)Launched in Stable(05-06-2023)
Please stay tuned for more and if you have any suggestions, do let us know by emailing it to sales@webuzo.com

The Webuzo Team

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