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 BUG in the Backup will make database to be loosed (5 Replies, Read 9771 times)
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I have done a Live Helper CHat Backup by using Backup tool of Webuzo.

I cannot remeber if My Live Helper Chat was imported or installed directly BUT when I create the backup and removed or edited the Live Helper Chat database, while try to resume from Webuzo backup I discovered there are no datanase backup so I loosed the backup, loosed live helper chat configuration thanks to Webuzo.

I have the backup right now listed in the Webuzo but as I download IT or try to resume there are no database backup.

I was sure to can resume the backup and now I have loosed all configuration about my custom live helper chat.

This should be indaged by you and fixed.

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Web, security, open source passionate.
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 peopleinside   BUG in the Backup will make database to be loosed (5 Replies, Read 9771 times)
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