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 Display Listens/Scrobbles on Website, Share a user's music habits in real-time. (0 Replies, Read 5464 times)
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Both ListenBrainz (an Open Source project) and Last.fm have APIs which allow a website to fetch a user's listens (ListenBrainz) or scrobbles (Last.fm), as discussed here (ListenBrainz) and here (Last.fm).

I would love for such functionality to be available via SitePad and whilst I don't know the legalities of the Last.fm API (e.g. are there fees involved?), ListenBrainz is completely Open Source, so Softaculous could quite easily implement this without additional expense being incurred...

Can we please have fetching of listens and/or scrobbles implemented in a future version of SitePad?
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