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 Addon Domain But Webroot Not Domain Root Folder (1 Replies, Read 12110 times)
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Hello,.. I want to ask.. why my main Domain/Addon Domain is not use default Domain Directory from Webuzo Apache2.4 (at /home/username/public_html),

I install Webuzo 3.0.7 on my VPS, but after I install, I got "It's Work!" if I access my main domain/addon domain and that domain direct to Directory Domain at /var/webuzo/apache2/www/htdocs/ not to Domain Directory after I add other Domain (eg. /home/username/addon/addon.com)

Anyone to helping me?
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Addon Domain But Webroot Not Domain Root Folder
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Hi pradjadj,

Generally, it appears when your public IP and (ifconfig) IP of your server is not the same.

To solve this issue please you can check following step if you are using webuzo v3 :-

1. Check if you have entered correct DNS (TYPE A record with correct IP) setting for your domain.
2. Check whether your public IP is the same as the local IP (ifconfig) on your server.
3. If 2 condition is satisfied, You can do the following step from the admin panel:-
    a. Go to Users-> list users.
    b. edit domain user.
    c. Select dedicated IP checkbox.
    d. in the below page list of dedicated IP addresses will appear please select the correct IP address.
    e. save the user (your problem will be solved ).

if you still facing this issue please open a support ticket with us "https://webuzo.com/contact/".

Let us know.
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