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 Virtualizor API system is disaster (0 Replies, Read 621 times)
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we are moving from solusvm and proxmox to virtualizor . and we are rewriting our backend user to more from solusvm and proxmox API to virtualizor API, after some days of work, we have found a a alot of issue and poor API system regaring other competitors, so this is  some example :

the addvs command, need us to send all the info of vps that need to be created, some of them has no sense to send it; like the IP, normally the virtiualization system distrubute the IP in creation, we can send IPpool if we want to force a ip from pool instead .

if we send a already created user email, why we should also send password?

the system response include a list of ips , (main ip + added ips) ho we can identify the main adress ip !!!

we can't send command to modify one config only like memory, hard disk, cpu ect ... in edit we should send all the params toghether !!!

no command to convert a second added ip to a main IP or the revert .

the actual API system is a wast of time, so fare from a true RESTful Web Services .

so a kind of advice, make a look how the other build thier API, and try to make somehing near to the web standards .
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