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 A 50X error occurred (3 Replies, Read 35385 times)
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i cannot access to my Webuzo admin panel and i got A 50X error occurred

Sorry, the page you are looking for is currently unavailable.
Please try again later.

i tried to reboot server via ssh and service webuzo restart

Stopping php-fpm: php-fpm is stopped
Stopping nginx: Done...
Starting php-fpm: [13-Jan-2019 10:01:41] ERROR: [pool users] cannot get uid for user 'soft'
[13-Jan-2019 10:01:41] ERROR: FPM initialization failed
Starting nginx: Done...

also the soft user is not exist in my VPS

please help me here 
IP: --   

 abtin@espod.net   A 50X error occurred (3 Replies, Read 35385 times)
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