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 Setting up storage, get it right form the start (1 Replies, Read 18364 times)
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Hi! I'm building a cluster of 4 dedicated servers which will act as 1 master and 3 slaves. I'm a little confused of storage works between the slaves.

For each slave I add, I will also add the space on the server as storage. However, will this storage be shared among all slaves or only be used by the VPS on the slave server?

Is it recommended to just have enough storage on each slave for the OS, and then have all storage for all slaves/vps on a seperate DAS or NAS, or perhaps have it all on the master?

If it's best to have all storage on a dedicated storage server, what is the minimum HDD size I will need on each slave?

Looking forward some help with this.

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Setting up storage, get it right form the start
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The storage you are currently adding from the web interface is for that file path on each server you select it for.
If you would like for that storage space to be shared by each server, then you would need to make sure that file path on each server is pointing to a shared resource, such as NAS storage, glusterFS etc.

As for "what is best", it really depends on what you are trying to achieve with your Virtualizor platform. Shared storage is great if you are looking to run a HA Cluster, but depending on your method of sharing storage space, you may lose some disk speed performance.
For individual storage per slave, I set aside 150GB for the host OS and templates etc which has worked fine for me so far. Add on top of this however much storage for VPS' you will want/need. That said, if you are looking to use LVM storage, it is recommended you use a seperate volume group to your host OS. If you want to thin provision your storage, you would need to use thin LVM. In any case, you should have a read of the Storage Page in the Manual.
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