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 Set up for dual PHP, Allow a path to be defined for different PHP versions (1 Replies, Read 4903 times)
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We have noticed an issue, specifically with Moodle but maybe other scripts, that require PHP 5.3.  We run PHP 5.2.17 by default on our servers.

It would be nice if Softaculous would allow you to define a path to a PHP 5.2 binary and a path to a PHP 5.3 binary.

As it stands now, when someone wants to update Moodle on their site through Softaculous, I have to copy the CLI PHP 5.3 binary to /usr/local/bin/php - overwriting the PHP 5.2.17 binary and then switching back after the upgrade has completed.

If Softaculous can know that Moodle - and any other scripts that require PHP 5.3 - needs PHP 5.3 to update or install, then if Softaculous would allow a system admin to define a path to a PHP 5.3 CLI binary, then the update/install wizard could be instructed to use that PHP binary.

At least that is my thought.
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Set up for dual PHP
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We are adding a feature to define the PHP version before any installation using the Pre Install Hooks. You can define the PHP binary and the PHP version in the Pre install script and if it is defined then Softaculous will skip its process of identifying the PHP version. This should be available with the next version of Softaculous.

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