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 Add PixelFed, Add PixelFed, an open-source Instagram alternative, to Softaculous (1 Replies, Read 965 times)
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Hi there!

I'm writing to request that Pixelfed be added to the list of apps available on Softaculous Auto Installer.

As a free and open-source image sharing social network service, Pixelfed has gained a lot of popularity in recent years for its decentralized nature and use of the ActivityPub protocol, which allows users to interact with other networks within the Fediverse.

Project website: pixelfed[dot]org

Requirements: PHP + MySQL or MariaDB

Pixelfed is a free and open-source image sharing social network service. It is decentralized, therefore user data is not stored on a central server, unlike other platforms. Pixelfed uses the ActivityPub protocol which allows users to interact with other social networks within the protocol, such as Mastodon, PeerTube, and Friendica. Using this protocol makes Pixelfed a part of the Fediverse. The network is made up of several independent sites that communicate with one another, which is roughly comparable to e-mail providers. The parties involved do not all have to be registered with the same provider, but can still communicate with each other. Thus, users are able to sign up on any server and follow others on the other instances.

I believe that adding Pixelfed to Softaculous would greatly benefit both users and hosting providers by making it even easier to set up and manage this popular social network. With Softaculous' reputation as the leading Auto Installer and its integration with various control panels, I'm confident that this would be a valuable addition to the service.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to seeing Pixelfed added to Softaculous in the future.

Best regards,
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Add PixelFed
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Thanks for notifying about PixelFed. We are unable to add PixelFed in Softaculous as it requires Redis.

Punit Varia
Script Packaging Head
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