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 Importing already installed Scripts (by hand), suggestion to be able to add scripts already on the server (0 Replies, Read 2057 times)
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I don't know if this has been discussed before, but i have over 20 joomla, 5 wordpress and 4 e107 installations on my server and i was wondering if there could be a manual import form so that i can import them to Softaculus and then consider them as installed so they can be upgraded.

Let me be more specific. Before softaculus i had fantastico, and before that i had nothing. So i have installations of joomla before even fantastico, that i installed manually on the server.

I believe it would be a fantastic idea to be able trhough a form to declare script name, script version, basedir, mysql username, mysql password (maybe installed plugins, i know this is very tough) and be able to import that list to Softaculus installed software, so that i can upgrade it easily and automatically.

What is your opinion ? i would pay extra for that feaute ;-)
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