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 Webuzo 3.4.9 Launched (0 Replies, Read 12458 times)
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The Webuzo Team has released version 3.4.9 which includes features like Brute Force Protection, Webuzo to Webuzo Import, Custom RBLs support for emails, Admin utility to manage enduser certificates, Reseller Rebranding options and several fixes.

1) [Feature] Added Brute Force Protection.

2) [Feature] Added Custom RBL support for emails.

3) [Feature] Added Webuzo to Webuzo Import utility.

4) [Feature] Added Admin utility to manage enduser SSL certificates.

5) [Feature] Added CLI to install SSL certificate for all domains.

6) [Feature] Added Reseller Rebranding options.

7) [Feature] Added Spam Assasin features like Spam Score, Move to Spam folder, Delete by spam score in enduser panel.

8) [Feature] Added Dovecot configuration utility in admin panel.

9) [Feature] Added Repair Mailbox permissions utility.

10) [Improvement] Added option to suspend emails per user and per script.

11) [Improvement] Allowed Resellers to access Email Delivery Report, Email Relayers and Email Sent Summary from the Reseller panel.

12) [Improvement] Added option to allow Webuzo API keys to be accessed from selected IPs only and notes.

13) [Improvement] Added option to disable IPv6 in Mail Settings.

14) [Improvement] Allowed adding domain redirect to same domain.

15) [Improvement] Renamed Lets Encrypt and ZeroSSL pages in enduser panel to Automatic SSL.

16) [Improvement] Changed Webuzo PHP tmp path to /usr/local/webuzo/tmp/php

17) [Improvement] Added CLI utility to reapply all plans to its users.

18) [Improvement] When Storage threshold exceeds Webuzo will now generate a notice in the Admin Panel.

19) [Improvement] Improved Webuzo v2 to v3 upgrade.

20) [Bug Fix] Quota Modification wizard was not working for users which had default plan set and had no custom quota set. This is fixed now.

21) [Bug Fix] In File Manager if the user session timed it triggered an error with incorrect response. It will now show a message that the session has timed out and will redirect the user to login page, after logging in successfully user will be redirected back to the File Manager.

22) [Bug Fix] Sometimes when cronh.php and cron.php were running together the sqlite cache db was getting corrupted. This is fixed now.

23) [Bug Fix] Wild Card Domains were causing Bind to fail sometimes. This is fixed now.

24) [Bug Fix] While Importing from cPanel, the PHP Session path was not updated in php.ini and .user.ini were not updated with Webuzo PHP paths. This is fixed now.

25) [Bug Fix] cPanel Import failed sometimes, if the backup progress API call failed. This is fixed now.

26) [Bug Fix] If no user had chosen to use any PHP version Webuzo was trying to start the php-fpm service for that PHP causing false positive Notification about unable to restart php-fpm service in Admin panel. This is fixed now.

We are working around the clock to add more and more features. Please stay tuned for more and if you have any suggestions, do let us know by emailing it to sales@webuzo.com

The Webuzo Team
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