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 instaling script with languages packages (2 Replies, Read 7561 times)
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Hello How Are You?
Thanks for softaculus first,
after instalation changing languages from english to another languages some times need extra profession about this scripts, But if any of posibilitys instaling script with languages pack will be best for end users and easy to anybosy havent got any professions. Example our costumers Turks and Turks dont know any of other languages best because never Turks were coloni of other nations of govenrments, instaling phpbb2 forum with Turkish languages will be best for Turks because They dont know english or other any of foreign languages. On the world some bountry people know good french because frenchs maked genoside muslims and killed more tahn 5 million people and maked french first languages and other some of countrys know spanish or anglish also they were colonies of them. Turks never make genocite and only save other countrys peoples languages and cultures and religions,also they keep own languages. Best Regards www.turkiyespot.com cheap vps hosting reseller domain sevices
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 turkiyespot   instaling script with languages packages (2 Replies, Read 7561 times)
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