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 CentOS 7 Installation - NIC netmask, ifcfg-XXX uses PREFIX by default, not NETMASK (1 Replies, Read 8943 times)
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It used to be that older versions of RHEL/CentOS uses NETMASK but newer installations of RHEL6/CentOS6 and 7 now uses PREFIX

I do not profess to know the minds of the RHEL/CentOS developers, but possible explanation is the option to use CIDR prefix was added simply because it is easier to work with a small number like "16" or "24" or "29" rather than mess around with long subnet masks.

How does this affect us Virtualizor fans?

It seems that Virtualizor, when NETMASK is missing in the file eg. ifcfg-eth0, it will default to "24" even though PREFIX is present and in my case PREFIX=29.

When starting the "virtnetwork", the IP Address settings will be read from the "/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0" and since the NETMASK is missing, it will default to or /24.

Luckily my host is still accessible!

More importantly, I believe this is a BUG and do you guys at Virtualizor award some sort of bounty for bug-discovery? Anything?  :D :D :D

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CentOS 7 Installation - NIC netmask
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Sir currently there is no provisioning to in the virtualizor to detect  PREFIX. Also it is not a bug.

We have already added the provisioning of prefix in the upcoming release.

Also temporary you can add netmask option in interface config file.

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