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 Virtualizor 3.0.8 Launched, Release Candidate (0 Replies, Read 4330 times)
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The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 3.0.8
In this version we have some bug fixes and improvements and new UI for end-user panel.

Here is the complete change list

Updated End-user theme

List VS :

Board Image

VPS Manage :

Board Image

Launch Instance (Billing enabled) :

Board Image

Billing :

Board Image

Features and Bug fixes :

1. [Feature] Added hide vnc details setting for end-user.

2. [Feature] Added disk caching from end-user panel (KVM, Proxmox KVM)

3. [Feature] In end-user panel, control panel option will be displayed if user has access to supported OS.

4. [Feature] Now Cloud user with billing enabled can create Multiple VMs with the same plan.

5. [Feature] Support for WHMCS user login in virtualizor panel after password change in WHMCS.

6. [Feature] Added tax option for Virtualizor billing system.
    Here is the guide for the tax : https://www.virtualizor.com/blog/docs/admin/tax-rules/

7. [Feature] Added manual locking option and auto locking so that any operation will not be allowed if the vm is locked.

8. [Feature] Added vram option for vga (KVM).

9. [Feature] Added Nested Virtualization for Virtuozzo KVM.

10 [Feature] Added a master setting for server RAM and primary disk threshold for server locking. You can set the threshold to lock the servers so that server do not get saturated and affect the VM(s). You can set this setting from Admin Panel -> Configuration -> Master Setting -> Under General Settings
Set RAM threshold to lock server (%) and Set Primary storage threshold to lock server (%)

11. [Feature] Added AUTO VNC port option for Virtuozzo KVM. You can enable this setting by setting the variable $globals['openvz7_auto_vnc'] in universal.php.

12. [Feature] Added rtc, os_type (For proxmox servers) fields on add / edit plans.

13. [Feature] If remote backup failed during backup process at that time backup files were uploaded partially and did not get deleted. Now it will be deleted if complete file is not uploaded on backup server.

14. [Task] Added HDD column on list server page to display servers Hard disk space.

15. [Task] Added before_addvs filter. Here is the guide for it : https://www.virtualizor.com/docs/developers/filters/#before_addvs

16. [Task] phpmyadmin updated to the latest version.

17. [Task] VPS will now get locked during backup and other background processes.

18. [Enhancement] Set only country in Server Location Settings of slave settings.

19. [Enhancement] Added gateway and netmask details on List IPPool page and List ips page for each IP and pool.

20. [Enhancement] Added Current Usage column on Admin Panel -> Users -> List Users page to show Cloud users usage whose Billing is enabled.

21. [Enhancement] Added loop device notice on Create VM wizard, if there are no loop device available on the server.

22. [Enhancement] Changed timezones in end-user -> user settings (Added all timezones). Before there were only few timezones listed.

23. [Enhancement] Optimized the Virtualizor.

24. [BugFix] If cloud users resources were overused it was not giving an error for the resource. This is now fixed.

25. [BugFix] Reset speed cap on bandwidth reset was removing speed cap. This is now fixed.

26. [BugFix] Edit server was not syncing resources. This is now fixed.

27. [BugFix] Disable Control Panel was disabling whole install tab on end-user panel. This is now fixed.

28. [BugFix] End-user ISO on Proxmox KVM was not working. This is now fixed.

29. [BugFix] VM with only internal IP was not getting the interface. This is now fixed.

30. [BugFix] Windows distro image in Enduser panel -> List VPS was showing as other os. This is now fixed.

31. [BugFix] Usage was not getting removed if VM creation failed. This is now fixed.

32. [BugFix] Disable login logo setting was not working. This is now fixed.

33. [BugFix] ECC certificate contents were not shown on Letsencrypt page in admin panel. This is now fixed.

34. [BugFix] Backup rotation was not working (for some scenarios when VPS backups were stored in different dates). This is now fixed.

35. [BugFix] If VM had speedcap applied in old plan and new plan had no speed cap at that time it was still getting applied even though the new plan had unlimited bandwidth. This is now fixed.

36. [BugFix] Rescue disk was not getting resized to 2 GB. This is now fixed.

37. [BugFix] Control panel installation was not working on LXC. This is now fixed.

38. [BugFix] For Proxmox KVM, disable rescue option was not working. This is now fixed.

39. [BugFix] While enabling rescue mode, if VM had swap memory set then it was setting swap for rescue disk too. This is now fixed.

40. [BugFix] Bootorder was not changing until we remove ISO from vm. This is now fixed.

41. [BugFix] On promox, primary ISO was not getting set. This is now fixed.

42. [BugFix] Proxmox KVM LVM based VPS backup restore was not restoring secondary disks correctly. This is now fixed.

43. [BugFix] Proxmox KVM and Proxmox LXC VPS internal network was not working if VPS was assigned only internal IPs. This is now fixed.

44. [BugFix] If backup plan was set to manual then it created a backup cron with previous backup plan which was causing the issue. This is now fixed.

45. [BugFix] In letsencrypt, multidomain was not working. This is now fixed.

46. [BugFix] Proxmox VM status check was taking too long for a running VM. This is now fixed.

47. [BugFix] Virtuozzo KVM VM IPv6 not working due to neigh command. This is now fixed.

48. [BugFix] If user was edited from Admin panel, its preferences saved from end-user panel was getting removed. This is now fixed.

49. [BugFix] If ebtables is disabled for a VPS at source server at that time after migration ebtables were getting applied on destination server. This is now fixed.

50. [BugFix] When all end-user options were disabled for Settings -> VPS Configuration in end-user panel. VPS configuration cell was still visible. This is now fixed.

51. [BugFix] In rescue mode it was not showing partition of the second disk (Actual OS disk). This is now fixed.

52. [BugFix] If add recipe call was made from WHMCS cloud and cloud account module then recipe was not getting executed. This is now fixed.

53. [BugFix] In end-user panel, set primary IP option was showing subnet as well. This is now fixed.

54. [BugFix] Speed cap value was not changing according to plans value while changing plan from Admin panel -> Manage VPS wizard. This is now fixed.

55. [BugFix] If resource pricing was applied at that time cloud user with billing enabled tried to edit the VM at that bandwidth was disabled. This is now fixed.

56. [BugFix] Australian timezone was not there. This is now fixed.

57. [BugFix] Rebuilded OS was not getting updated on WHMCS panel. This is now fixed.

58. [BugFix] Live migration handled for multiple VPS as well.

59. [BugFix] Since Proxmox 6.3-6, we need to specify disk that are bootable while specifying boot order for a Proxmox KVM, This is now fixed.

60. [BugFix] For Proxmox KVM file based virtual machines the extension for rescue disk was repeated twice, This is now fixed.

The following API docs are updated :


The following API docs are added :


Please let us know if you face any issues / have any suggestion. We are available on Virtualizor live chat at https://virtualizor.com

Virtualizor Team

Virtualizor - VPS Control Panel
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