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 SitePad 1.0.7 Released (0 Replies, Read 8738 times)
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We have released SitePad 1.0.7

1) [Feature] : Added integration with pd-admin control panel. Refer to the install guide here.

2) [Feature] : Added integration with ISPmanager control panel. Refer to the install guide here.

3) [Improvement] : SitePad now works on PHP 7.1

4) [Improvement] : Added Filters to allow server admins to customize SitePad. Currently we have added a Filter to modify the list of domains for endusers. We will be adding more filters in future versions of SitePad. Guide.

5) [Improvement] : Added option on SitePad admin panel -> Settings page to define custom FTP port which will be used while publishing websites.

6) [Bug Fix] : In Directadmin, on some servers when the user's home directory was a symlink to some other directory the path was not generated properly by SitePad. This is fixed now.

SitePad is a Drag & Drop Website Builder with 250+ templates and 40+ widgets which lets you create and publish your website within minutes. Visit website.

The SitePad Team

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