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 Languages, Adding new languages (1 Replies, Read 1194 times)
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I've been working on seting up SitePad with Directadmin control successfully. Despite the big issue that all users in the server can use the SitePad service and that SitePad tries to create its own new FTP account for every new user.
Now I'm working in adding additional translations for non-English speaking users (most in our region). At this time Spanish is a must for us.

There seems it is easy creating a new language folder in /usr/local/sitepad/languages and translate the English master file. It translates some of the basic sentences used in user interface. The problem is the editor is completely in English and I was unable to find a translation file to work with.
Any guidelines would be appreciated. We cannot lauch the service for this first server or deploy it into our other servers if it is only available in English.
BTW, I'll happy to share translation files with Softaculous and  this forum when completed.
Thank you,Roberto
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 iactiva   Languages, Adding new languages (1 Replies, Read 1194 times)
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