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 Additional functionality, better documentation (2 Replies, Read 7494 times)
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I'm currently in the process of starting my own web hosting service and Softaculous seems like the best tool for us: it's cheaper than most of the other tools and potentially has more to offer in terms of support, or at least we hope so.

Currently we're using the free version but we're considering to purchase. We are concerned about a lack of functionality in the software and would like this cleared up before moving over to purchase.

Lack of skins?

The skin used by Softaculous is not exactly suitable for our organisation. As part of the rebranding process we would like to be able to change the entire lay-out of the software.

I've already looked at the free version but I'm unable to find any place where custom skins are stored and the PHP files that would have to be modified are obviously encoded with Ioncube.

Question here is: is there functionality to add your own skins at all, or is the site name & logo URL truly the extent of the modifications that can be made to the lay-out?

Reseller panel?

The interface for resellers seems to just redirect to the user interface. My suggestion is that resellers get a minified version of the administrator interface so that they can see the installed scripts for their users and potentially even disable Softaculous for their users.

It also seems resellers must have Softaculous; it would also be nice if administrators could disable Softaculous on a per-reseller (and even per-user?) basis.

Language support

We're especially nit picky about the user interface here. We've set the language to Dutch but this only changes the top bar. The menu and the content remains English; we would like this to be Dutch.

I'm also suggesting to make it so that ratings/reviews are also locale-dependent: so that when a user is reading the Dutch description of the Simplemachine Forums the reviews are also completely in Dutch. Not everyone may want this so it should probably be an option.

Version control?

Looking at Installatron we see one thing Softaculous doesn't seem to have: version control. When looking at the Simplemachines forums on the Installatron software it's possible to select which version you want installed (which is a drop down box which defaults to the stable version).

The issue here is that Simplemachines actually has two branches of development, and we'd like for our users to be able to select if they want the development version (which is 2.0RC3 I believe) or the stable version (which should be the default). I don't see any such function in Softaculous to make this happen other than the custom scripts feature, which is not really an option since we want this to be a part of the installation process for SMF.

Other than those things Softaculous seems to be the best option for us. Could you have a look at the feedback above and perhaps update Softaculous?

Thanks :)
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Additional functionality, better documentation
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1) You can make your own theme.
Just copy the /path/to/softaculous/enduser/themes/default to another folder e.g. theme1 and you can customize it.

2) We will soon have the reseller panel.

3) Language improvements is also one of our top priorities and you will see this getting better

4) Softaculous only installs the LATEST STABLE version. Many hosts dont prefer OLD or ALPHA BETA versions


For immediate support please email us at our Support email address. PMs sent to any Softaculous Team member or posting in the forums is not the official way to get support.

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Additional functionality, better documentation
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I am too am interested in designating which users will be able to install each application or have access to the installer.  Will there be a function to designate this for regular users?  I dont plan on having resellers.

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