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 Ampps 1.3 (1 Replies, Read 13591 times)
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The Softaculous AMPPS Team has released AMPPS 1.3

This version of AMPPS adds some cool new features and fixes some bugs. This version has many User Interface improvements.
A complete list of changes:

1) The current version of AMPPS for Windows include:
  • Softaculous AMPPS 1.3(Softaculous 3.7)
  • Apache 2.2.21
  • PHP 5.3.8 and 5.2.17
  • PERL 5.10.1
  • Python 2.5.4
  • MySQL 5.5.17
  • phpMyAdmin 3.4.7
  • SQLite Manager 1.2.4
2) The current version of AMPPS for Mac include:
  • Softaculous AMPPS 1.3(Softaculous 3.7)
  • Apache 2.2.21
  • PHP 5.3.8 and 5.2.17
  • PERL 5.14.1
  • MySQL 5.5.15
  • phpMyAdmin 3.4.7
  • SQLite Manager 1.2.4
3) AMPPS Application GUI has been improved, buttons for Localhost, AMPPS Home and AMPPS Admin added.

4) Added the Progress Bar to show the current status of the install and upgrade process of scripts. This has been done for all script types – PHP, JavaScript and PERL.

5) Added stylized tables to show the list of Installations in Softaculous AMPPS.

6) We have fastened our JavaScript Libraries to give you a better experience while using Softaculous AMPPS.

7) Added a new “Button” to highlight the Install Tab while installing a script.

8 ) Improved the Softaculous AMPPS Core Update process. You now have an option to select a “Release Candidate” or a “Stable” branch of the Softaculous AMPPS Core. The default will be the “Stable” branch.

9) Added Hooks in the Softaculous AMPPS Installation and Upgradation Process. A server admin can execute code to customize the installation or upgrade process. e.g. if the server admin wants to customize all WordPress installations, he can add a hook. Guide to use the Hooks is here : http://www.softaculous.com/docs/Hooks

10) Improved the backup process and removed some bugs related to the backup and restore feature.

11) Bug Fix : Users were redirected to Login Page after securing AMPPS for first time. This is now fixed, users won’t be redirected.

12) Bug Fix : The Softaculous AMPPS Scripts Menu on the left was not remembering the collapsed or expanded state properly in IE6. This is now fixed.

13) Bug Fix : The Search was not working for PERL Scripts. This is now working. We hope you enjoy this version of Softaculous AMPPS and our new product Webuzo http://www.webuzo.com

The Softaculous AMPPS Team

Follow AMPPS on,
Twitter : https://twitter.com/AMPPS_Stack
Facebook :  http://www.facebook.com/softaculousampps
Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+AmppsStack
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