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 Webuzo 2.8.5 Launched (0 Replies, Read 8663 times)
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The Webuzo Team has launched 2.8.5. The following is the list of changes :

1) [Feature] : WordPress Plugin/Theme Sets created by admins can now be restricted with ACL plans. Admins can assign WordPress sets to specific packages.

2) [Feature] : Added a dedicated WordPress Manager icon in Webuzo to manage WordPress.

3) [Improvement] : Added filters to exclude files to be copied during backup, clone, staging, push to live and remote import.

4) [Improvement] : While making API call to install a script in Webuzo previously the allowed values for protocol (softproto) parameter were 1, 2, 3, 4 and Webuzo converted them to https or http as per the value. Now API calls are allowed to pass the protocol as http://, http://www., https://, https://www. as well.

5) [Improvement] : Sometime error_log files is in GB in sites backup, Excluded error_log file from backup.

6) [Task] : Added support for universal.custom.php which can be used to overwrite any settings in Webuzo. Refer to the guide here.

7) [Task] : Added CLI utility to enable all scripts at once. Here is the  command:

/usr/local/emps/bin/php /usr/local/webuzo/cli.php --enable_script --all

8) [Bug Fix] : Large Backups over 8-10 GBs to WebDAV location failed. This is fixed now.

9) [Bug Fix] : When the backup limit is decreased it deleted all backups of the users instead of deleting just the unwanted extra auto backup. This has been fixed.

10) [Bug Fix] : If auto backup rotation is downgraded or admin has set a lower limit for auto backup it deletes the extra backups to reach the new backup rotation limit. This has been fixed.

The upcoming version will bring some Improvements, features and changes.

The Webuzo Team

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