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 Clarification of Softaculous installation location?, local or server side (5 Replies, Read 6918 times)
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I used Softaculous years ago as part of a web hosting package I no longer have. I found the server-side installation more productive (for me) than the Demo mode.

I am currently trying to set up local installations of XAMPP on both Windows 7 and Linux/Ubuntu (18.04?), eventually to set up piwigo.

A lot of steps and learning at each one. I have some challenges with piwigo direct installation on both OS platforms, so I thought I'd try the Softaculous installation.

I did download a Softaculous installation package. I assume but am not certain whether it belongs in a local PC environment (XAMPP localhost?) or is for installation on remote hosting servers that don't have it as a standard feature.

With all the installations I have been doing I may have overlooked installation instructions for Softaculous. But I think understanding the context of what environment it's intended for might be a more important question.

I am not sure what 'version' of the softaculous zip package was, but will attempt a screenshot upload of what was inside the unzipped package...that may make it obvious to someone what I downloaded.

Thank you 

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 murrayatuptown   Clarification of Softaculous installation location?, local or server side (5 Replies, Read 6918 times)
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