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 KVM CPU bug; SSH backup to any server; root password change alert, #3 requests (1 Replies, Read 8452 times)
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i have Virtualizor 2.9.2 patch 5 and i am using it like 3 days and here are 3 things that i think are missing or needs attention. Maybe i am wrong because i am yet newbiew in Virtualizor.

Feature request #1 - is regarding bug where setting one option may cause KVM VPS's being unbootable / CPU overloaded
It is described in detail here: http://www.softaculous.com/board/index.php?tid=11861&title=99%_CPU_usage_on_KVM_VPS,_extremely_slow_boot#p37443

Feature request #2 - can not backup to any remote SSH server
In the section Backups/VPS Backup settings is the SSH backup option. It would be good if i can enter just any SSH server IP here. It seems that currently i can only use Virtualizor added servers.

Feature request #3 - password not resetted immediatelly
When i configure a KVM VPS (not tried OpenVZ)
i see page with header:
Manage Virtual ServerOnline
Note : This feature is in BETA and will replace Edit VPS page in future

When i enter new root password here and save the page changes, i expect root
password be resettede immediately, but it seems it is not. The old
interface shows message that VPS needs to be restarted. It would be good
to show some notification too in this new interface.

Everything else is quite nice, thank you for nice SW and support.

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KVM CPU bug; SSH backup to any server; root password change alert
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Feature request #1
- This happens with OpenVZ 6 + KVM, We recommend you to not use multivirtualization on production

Feature request #2
- We have a page where you can specify all your backup server details. It is under Admin Panel > Servers > List backup servers

- To schedule VPS backup, go to Admin panel > VPS Backups > VPS backup settings, here you can  select the backup type and the associated backup server

- We will soon be introducing enduser backups, where VPS owner can choose their own backup server instead of the one specified by admin.

Feature request #3
- For KVM VPS, Virtualizor need VPS to be Powered OFF and Powered On. We will add the notification in new Edit page if VPS restart is required.

Let us know if you need any other information.

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