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 Pre-existing MySQL server, Already have a MySQL build running (1 Replies, Read 1994 times)
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Hey all!

I recently downloaded and tried AMPPS and it looks amazing! It really does simplify the whole process of testing and developing web applications!

I currently already have the latest build of MySQL installed on the server; I installed AMPPS over the top and it appears that AMPPS cannot connect to it's own version (cannot install scripts, change password, etc). Is it possible for me to get AMPPS to use the already existant MySQL? If not, how do I fix this?


Operating System: Windows 7
Network Configuration: Simple home LAN (DHCP, NAT)
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Pre-existing MySQL server
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Please go to Start->Run->services.msc, in that can you find MySql, if yes then remove it.

Also rename the my.ini that you can find in your system to any name other then my.ini (Note: Please do not rename the my.ini that you find in the Ampps folder).

If all these doesn't help then please open a ticket for proper support,

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