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Poll Question : Would you like to see Mastodon (http://joinmastodon.org) added to Softaclous?
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 Replace GNU Social with Mastodon (1 Replies, Read 618 times)
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Softaclous offers "GNU Social" for installation on self-hosted domains and whilst this software is nice, it has not been updated / upgraded in several years... In fact as best I can tell, all development on the project has come to a complete standstill (the last entry on the git repository was over two years ago).
In stark contrast, "Mastodon" - which is also Open Source - offers similar functionality, whilst being actively developed... Mastodon is far more polished, it is compatible with various protocols used by GNU Social, it is under active development and it has support for modern functionality (such as API access for applications on mobile devices).
So my question to the Softaclous Team, is can you please add support for Mastodon to Softaclous?
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Replace GNU Social with Mastodon
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Thanks for notifying but we can not add Mastodon as it requires Ruby on Rails. We only offer PHP Open source scripts.

Punit Varia
Script Packaging Head
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