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 Primary menu styling, div usage, and javascript using, a lot of questions to ask (1 Replies, Read 1521 times)
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Alright so I have a lot of questions to ask, first of all how do I style the primary menu using css to add things like:
A different on hover animation other than the default block filling ones we have
A drop down full width menu with center aligned text and pictures on top of the words.

Or alternatively, how do I use the embed function to add these things without simply breaking the site or styling? Since every single time I have tried to do that so far it just comes out as a standard ordered from top to bottom menu instead of the left to right kind that Sitepad has.

Can Sitepad support <div></div> and additional class tags inside of it's embed widget? And is the custom html feature the only way I can set code that affects the rest of the site? Because right now digging around the code for each individual thing I want to affect in Sitepad can be pretty difficult, like that time I wanted the background to stretch down using css only to find out that I was modifying .footer when I should have been modifying footer.site-footer.

Is it possible to add a javascript script into the custom HTML feature? Because I tried adding javascript to an embed widget before and after I published it the code just turned into a meaningless word spaghetti despite somehow still working.
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Primary menu styling, div usage, and javascript using
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Sorry for the delay in response.

You can add the hover effect through Custom HTML where you can define style tags and inside add your custom codes. Also, you can add javascript code through Custom HTML. All the codes added in Custom HTML will be appended in Header.

Also, you can add div, iframe etc in Embed Widget.

Do let us know if you need any other information.

Aakash Gupta
SitePad Developer

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