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 WHMCS login to Virtualizor Control Panel (6 Replies, Read 26155 times)
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Good day everybody, i have noticed yesterday, after replacing the old WHMCS module for virtualizor that first of all, the links to the VPS hosting server are set to IP  and not to hostname, and of course the SSL sertificates are no longer valid.

in /home/$user/public_html/modules/servers/virtualizor/virtualizor.php  :

function virtualizor_AdminLink($params) {
    $code = '<a href="https://'.$params["serverip"].':4085/index.php?act=login" target="_blank">Virtualizor Admin Panel</a>';
    return $code;

i have set

function virtualizor_AdminLink($params) {
    $code = '<a href="https://'.$params["serverhostname"].'/index.php?act=login" target="_blank">Virtualizor Admin Panel</a>';
    return $code;

is it possible to ad in the future updates of the module also an adjustment to this line ?

function virtualizor_LoginLink($params) {
    $code = "<a href=\"https://".$params["serverip"].":4083/\" target=\"_blank\" style=\"color:#cc0000\">Login to Virtualizor</a>";
    return $code;

Thank you very much!

If the thread has been open before, please excuse me, i did not have the time to check.
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