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 Virtualizor API Issue (0 Replies, Read 784 times)
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 I'm trying to create a custom button on WHMCS Admin Panel called as "Rebuild", only to the Admin user be able to rebuild a VPS with easy mode, because I do not use "User Rebuilt" on VPS panel to prevent any errors that the customer can do.

I'm trying to use ADMIN API, but when I call the function, the system return this error: https://puu.sh/Dt6fR/84a806575a.png, say me this reason: "The VPS ID doesn't exists"

 My questions is:

1. The Virtualizor admin API only work if the VPS is in Master server?

2. Can you check if have some error in this simple code? https://puu.sh/Dt6N7/eb597c694a.png

On error log,  it returns all data from the VPS as correct informations, but it simply doesn't process.
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