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 FTP not working, Connection fails - IP's are not updated... (1 Replies, Read 4870 times)
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I have not been able to get FTP access to my instance.  From an earlier post - it is clear that your scripts do not update the IP's that are configured in Webuzo or in my case, the FTP app - perhaps in other areas as well.  I can connect so the port is open - but the password fails I'm guessing because it is looking for it on another server location with the IP that I am no longer using in the current instance.

I've attached an image to show the issue clearly. 

Unless you have a static IP allocated using Elastic IP - seems that this creates a mess to try and untangle in the various config files.

I really love the Webuzo panel - but these are the type of things that need to be fixed before it is ready for production use. 

Please advise when/how this will be fixed, or if you have a document on your site that I have missed.  If I've missed something obvious - my apologies - please point me in that direction.


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FTP not working
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Allocating an Elastic IP can help you fix the issue. Webuzo does not provide support for Elastic IPs at the moment. You can do this from your AWS Console.

We have taken note of this and will come to a solution ASAP!!!

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