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 LifeType in other languages (2 Replies, Read 3537 times)
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Here again, the languages packs are already in the full package. A multilingual install could be provided.
In the life.sql file there are three references to languages. Only two need to be altered. The default is en_UK and could be [[language]].
3 tables:
- config for default locale
- blogs for settings of the first default blog
- config again for the locale list: no change needed here. It gives the list of all possible locales.

-- Dumping data for table `[[db_prefix]]config`
INSERT INTO `[[db_prefix]]config` VALUES('default_locale', 'en_UK', 3);

-- Dumping data for table `[[db_prefix]]blogs`
INSERT INTO `[[db_prefix]]blogs` VALUES(1, '[[site_name]]', 1, 1, '', 'O:12:"BlogSettings":2:{s:6:"_props";a:14:{s:6:"locale";s:5:"en_UK";s:14:"show_posts_max"..............

When you have time. Thank you.
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