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 Add delay WHMCS Auto Install Module, Magento is a monster... it takes a long time (1 Replies, Read 303 times)
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Might you know how to run hook "after" form is submit? Perhaps add a lag or queue for 1 minute cron or something.

cPanel VPS using WHMCS Auto Install Module softaculous_extra.php hook is brilliant, but Magento is a monster. Sometimes, it takes 30+ seconds to execute... sometimes longer.  :cry: WordPress is swift, maybe 10 seconds but would be nice to have everything instant.

Also, with Magento hook install, can we "import demo content" or is that option strictly available in the cPanel Softaculous install screen only?

Can you think of any crafty ways to make it faster? Just upgrade server and get more ram?!  :P

Thanks for your attention

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Add delay WHMCS Auto Install Module
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You can edit the auto install module package downloaded as you have the source code and add sleep or delay as required.

Also in order to install Magento with sample data by default you will need to add the below line in softaculous_extra.php
PHP Code

 $GLOBALS['softaculous_conf']['defaults']['sample_data'] = 'on'

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