Softaculous Testimonials

We wanted to make it easier for our customers to update their website applications as this is critical for their website security. Since the switch from Fantastico to Softaculous our customers have been continuously expressing their satisfaction with the immediate update availability offered by Softaculous and we have seen a rising numbers of application updates happening. For our team at SiteGround it is also very important that the communication with the Softaculous team is very easy and thanks to their API we are able to automate and customize the software installation and update processes on our servers, which was impossible before. We know now that the migration of all our 1100+ servers was worth it!

Nikolay Todorov, CTO

The team at Softaculous is dedicated to making software that works, and keeps working. They aren\'t interested in just building something and moving on. For them, their projects are living and continue to grow - you can feel safe in signing up with them that they\'ve got your backs for the long term. They are ambitious, but not in ways that line their pockets. They innovate, and are dedicated to building software that solves the hard problem of making the Internet an easier place to do business. Softaculous, their flagship product, does just that. They are an excellent team, and Softaculous an excellent product.

Christian Dawson, COO Servint

Its a wonderful platform, easy to handle, make a lot of diffrence, Thanks for it!

DECON designs, Manager Kong Posh Industries(M)Sdn Bhd

Softaculous is an amazing product. I have used other products before but they really don't stack up to the quality and quantity of software on this service. My public customers and private hosting I do love it. I have to say the support you get from this company is outstanding. They really want to do this for a living and it shows. I wanted to also give a shout out to Priya. She makes Softaculous even more desirable to work with as she is very attentive to customer needs. Keep it up Softaculous!

Michael Luer, Owner Elinkworld

Ever since Softaculous burst onto cPanel we have found the process of staring new projects 10 times easier. With human error the way it is you could almost always expect something to go wrong with a script installation no matter how many times you had done it before. Im not sure how the web development world survived before there was this platform!

Alex Booth, CEO CompareGameHosting

Never have I seen a more responsive support team than that of Softaculous. Our customers have used other app auto installers but nothing ever come close to the kind of support Softaculous Team provides. You guys are simply awesome. Hope you keep up the standard.

Trax-Takeshi, Cloud Solution Architect

I have checked many Virtualization systems but never felt satisfied at all. Especially customer support is the main factor I have fallen in love with Softaculous products. Its been 5 years am using their services without any problems.

Rajesh Chauhan, CEO YouStable Technologies Pvt Ltd

Parabéns Softculous, eu o utilizo em meu cPanel. Não tem como ficar sem vocês.

Jefte Costa, CEO HostCloud

We switched from Plesk to Cpanel roughly 2 years ago. During that time, we became engaged with Softaculous. We have needed a way to install customized versions of our Wordpress tools and Themes. We never could find the right way to do this in Plesk. And we never though to integrate Softaculous into that mix. Thanks to Cpanel and Softaculous, our integrations and installations have become super easy...and we are able to get our customers set up quicker and more efficiently. We're glad to have found this mix, and thanks to the great support Softaculous has offered, we have achieved our goals quickly.

Raymond Hayes, Systems Administrator / Web Development Dnet Internet Services

World class support! I had a problem with an app install. The Softaculous team took everything in hand and solved the whole thing extremely quickly and efficiently. It's nice to know you can count on them.

Denis Cheyrouze, CEO DFMG

Softaculous is simple to use for our Hosting customers, and is our tool everyday for complex tasks as import entire Wordpress website, with softacolous we can do it in a short time and with a few clicks. Both with Sitepad we give to our clients great tools for start to make professional websites, great tools for startups.

Marco Leiva, CEO Ownership Mediaweb Chile

I have always loved Softaculous. The reliability of Softaculous gave me curiosity on other products / services this company offers. I started testing Virtualizor using Proxmox. I came from a Virtuozzo background and had some learning curves to overcome, to say the least. The support team at Softaculous was very patient with me even tho I am a very small business and only bought a few licenses at the time. I highly recommend this company. One of the few that actually stands by there products / services.

Jay, Owner SharkBackup

I have been using Softaculous and their Other Products from 2 + Years for our Servers and for our Client Servers as well. I am very much satisfied with their Service, their Support and their Updates as well. I hope Softaculous Continue their Same Support and Service in future.

Ramandeep Sethi, Founder 1Only Host

I have used other products before but they really don't stand anywhere in comparison to the quality of software on this service. Softaculous team is highly professional and dedicated. A big thankyou for all your hard work ! You guys are amazing!!

Allen Daniel, Manager Qwaiting

Softaculous is pretty incredible. The software will automatically update pretty much any CMS, we use it for Wordpress and Drupal and it works instantaneously. It does quite a few other things too, like install and maintain. It is a lifesaver in terms of time and money. The support is top notch, they were helping me set up before I was even a client. And it costs very little. Brilliant product.

Yves, CEO Excellence Group

I use Softaculous on different web servers made for my clients and I find it absolutely fantastic! Easy to use and very quick in managing the various software.

Emilio Petrozzi, Webmaster Web Development

I have been using Softaculous to install and upgrade Moodle, WordPress, and other programs for over 10 years. Before that, I installed Moodle and WordPress on my own. Moodle upgrades are easy when things go right, but when they don't, you're on your own or you need to pay a lot to get your Moodle back. That's where Softaculous comes in. I have not had any major issues with any of my Moodle installations because of Softaculous. The system works. I have a huge Moodle site from 2006 that has had problems for the past two years until Softaculous came to the rescue, today. No one was able to help resolve the issue. The menus would freeze when I enabled cache Javascript. It works because of the support I received from Softaculous. Contact support at Softaculous if you encounter any problems with Moodle installation or upgrades. Softaculous will save you from undue aggravation, time, and money.

Nellie Deutsch, Educator and Moodle Admin Dr. Nellie Deutsch
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