How to Restore a Backup on a New Server

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If you want to Backup an Installation and Restore it on a New Server (For eg. If you want a Backup of your WordPress Installation.)
1) Backup the Wordpress installation as shown in the figure below.


2) Then Click on the Backup Installation icon.


3) Go to the Backups page.


4) Then download the Backup from the backups page.


5) In this case the file downloaded is named Here "344" is the installation id.

6) You will also have to download a backup information file which is located in your home directory at the following path once you FTP to your server .softaculous/backups/ the full path is /home/USERNAME/.softaculous/backups/. Download the file name corresponding to your backup. In this case it is wp.344.2011-05-11_07-20-46

7) Now on your new server go to Wordpress and make a dummy installation with the same Directory Name and Database Name. In this case it is "wp" and "wp".


8) Note the installation id of the dummy installation. You can do this by clicking on the backup link and check the URL the last characters will be the installation id. Here YOUR SOFTACULOUS URL/ this is the URL and 346 is the installation id.

9) Now replace the current installation id in the backup zip and the backup information file that you downloaded the zip package was and now it becomes and the backup information file was wp.344.2011-05-11_07-20-46 and now it becomes wp.346.2011-05-11_07-20-46.

10) Copy this backup zip on your new server at the following path /home/USERNAME/softaculous_backups/

11) Also copy the backup information file to to your new server at the following path /home/USERNAME/.softaculous/backups/

12) Now go to the Backups Page on the new server.

13) You can see the installation with the new installation id. Just Restore that installation as shown in the figure below and your Old installation is Restored and ready to use.