Custom Settings File


Softaculous saves the admin settings in universal.php file which is present in the enduser folder in the Softaculous path. For e.g. in cPanel the location is


The settings you change in Softaculous admin panel are saved in this file.

Custom universal.php

If you would like to create a custom universal.php file which should overwrite the settings saved by Softaculous you can now create a universal.custom.php file in the same folder where universal.php is saved. This custom file will be included right after universal.php is included and you can override the settings.

Sample contents of a universal.custom.php file

$globals['sn'] = 'My Auto Installer';
$globals['max_backups'] = 5;
$globals['force_auto_upgrade'] = 1;
$globals['force_upgrade_plugins'] = 1;
$globals['force_upgrade_themes'] = 1;

Note : The file universal.custom.php is not included in Softaculous package hence it will not be overwritten by Softaculous upgrades.

Note : If your custom file is not loaded save the settings from Softaculous admin panel -> Settings page once and then try.

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