Edit Installation from CLI

Edit an installation from Command Line

The below command checks if the Softaculous records are not updated i.e. if a user has manually updated an installation, hence the Softaculous records are not updated. This utility will help you to update the Softaculous records.

Softaculous allows you to edit an installation from command line. Here is the guide: 

  • Use the following command to edit an installation :
php /path/to/softaculous/cli.php --editdetail --user=USER --sid=SID --update_records=1
  • That’s it. The installation records are now updated.


  • In the above command the first parameter should be –editdetail as this parameter will initiate the editdetail function.
  • –user=USERNAME – Here USERNAME is the user whose records you want to update.
  • –sid=SID – Here sid is the Script ID of the script you want to update the records for. Eg: 26 for WordPress 

You can get a complete list of script ids here : http://www.softaculous.com/scripts.php

  • –show_outdated_version=1 – You can use this to list the outdated installation(s) of the specified user.
  • –eu_auto_upgrade=0 You can use this parameter to select auto upgrade preference for the installation, (parameter options) : 0 – To disable auto upgrade, 1 – Upgrade to any latest version available (Major as well as Minor) , 2- Upgrade to Minor versions only
  • –auto_upgrade_plugins=1 – You can use this to enable auto upgrade for plugin.
  • –auto_upgrade_themes=1 – You can use this to enable auto upgrade for theme.

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