Import installation from CLI

Import an Installation from Command Line

Softaculous allows you to import an installation from command line. Here is the guide: 

  • Use the following command to import an installation :
php /path/to/softaculous/cli.php --import --sid=SID --user=USER_NAME --url=URL_OF_INSTALLATION
  • That’s it. The installation is now imported to Softaculous.


  • In the above command the first parameter should be –import as this parameter will initiate the import function.
  • –user=USERNAME – Here USERNAME is the control panel username whose records you want to import.
  • –sid=SID – Here sid is the Script ID of the script which is installed. Eg: 26 for WordPress 

You can get a complete list of script ids here :

  • –url=URL_OF_INSTALLATION – Here URL is the full URL of the installation (Including http).
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