Reset API Pass CLI


Softaculous allows you to reset your API Pass from command line. 

Note : This has been added in Softaculous 4.7.9 Note : This option is available only in Softaculous Remote and Enterprise

  • Use the following command to reset your API Pass :
/usr/local/emps/bin/php /usr/local/softaculous/cli.php --reset_apipass --user=USER --api_pass=NEWPASS --owner=OWNER 
  • Thats it. Your API Pass has now been reset.


  • In the above command the first parameter should be –reset_apipass as this parameter will initiate the API Pass reset function.
  • –user=USER – Here user is the field name and USER is the value for that field (username of the user you want to reset the API Pass for).
  • api_pass=NEWPASS – This is the NEW API Pass that you want to set.
  • owner=OWNER – OPTIONAL : This is the owner for the USER. By default OWNER will be considered as root.
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