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  • This guide will help you to Submit a PHP Class on nuPHP.
  • Submitting Classes is a very simple procedure. By adding PHP classes here, you can gain recognition from peer developers.
  • Visit the Submit Class page here :

Understanding the field names

  • The field names are quite simple and the understandable on first look.
  • Here is a screenshot of the submit class page.
  • Name : The name is simply the title of your class. It should be Less than 100 characters.
  • BaseName : The BaseName is a unique identifier of your class. It can be any name you desire but should be related to your class.
  • Version : This will be the version number of your class. The Version denotes the modifications as well as transformation of your PHP Class.
  • Category : You can choose the best suitable category for your class from 42 different categories to categorize your class.
  • Description : The Description is a brief information about the class. It details the class information, it’s use, applications and some first hand information. It should be less than 500 characters.
  • One Line Description : The one line description as described must be short and to the point. It’s the first impression that your class puts on the viewer. It should be less than 100 characters.
  • License Type : You can choose from a list of licenses provided in the page or you can choose Custom License but the license file should be available in your package.
  • Author : This is the name of the author who has implemented the class
  • Zip File : The package of the class files. The file type must be ZIP and size LESS THAN 2.5 MB.
  • Captcha : Fill in the Captcha. This is to prevent automated submissions.
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • That’s it you have submitted the class. It will be reviewed by the Moderators and you will be notified about the status via email.
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