WHMCS Licensing Addon


Do you want to Resell Softaculous licenses from WHMCS ? 
This guide will help you to setup WHMCS licensing addon to resell Softaculous Licenses. Setting this up is very easy.

Note : This module supports reselling Softaculous licenses as an addon along with VPS/Dedicated server product.
If you are looking to resell standalone Softaculous licenses as a separate product refer to the following guide.

Note : You will need Softaculous NOC account to use this hook, because the API can be used only by NOCs. You can register as a NOC partner here

Download and Upload

For WHMCS 7.2+ 
Download the Module here File:SoftlicenseAddon.zip.

Unzip it and upload the files softaculous.php and noc_api.inc to the following path


Configuring Product Addon

Go to WHMCS admin panel -> Setup -> Products/Services -> Product Addons and click on the Add New Addon button.

  • Fill in Addon details like Name, Description, Pricing, etc
  • Under Applicable Products choose the product under which this addon option should be available for users to choose
  • Under Module Settings tab fill in the following details
    Product Type : Other
    Module Name : Softaculous
    Softaculous Username : USERNAME of your NOC account
    Softaculous Password : Password of your NOC account
    Server Type : VPS/Dedicated choose which type of Softaculous license should be issued
    Also choose when the addon setup should be done i.e. after payment is received or after manually approving the order.
Product Addon – Module Settings

Editing Variables

This module allows you to customize some variables in softaculous_mod_extra.php

Billing Period

$GLOBALS['softaculous_mod_conf']['billing_period'] = '';

By default the billing cycle is detected for the WHMCS order being created and the same is used for the Softaculous license period. If the detection fails the default value is 1M i.e. Monthly. However if you would like to overwrite the billing cycle you can define the above variable.

This variable allows you to choose the period to extend for Softaculous license when the WHMCS product service is CREATED and RENEWED. Default is 1M i.e. 1 month if you do not specify this variable. You can set the period to extend as per your desire 
Possible values : 
1M = 1 month 
3M = 3 months 
6M = 6 months 
1Y = 1 year 
2Y = 2 years 
3Y = 3 years

Cancel Softaculous license when service is suspended

$GLOBALS['softaculous_mod_conf']['cancel_on_suspension'] = '';

By default the Softaculous license is not cancelled when a WHMCS service is suspended. However if you would like cancel the Softaculous license when WHMCS service is suspended you can set the above variable as 1.

Testing the Setup

Place an Order

You can test the setup by making a DUMMY Order and going to the Manage Orders page.

Manage Order

Run Module Create

Module Create

Click on the Create button to run the create module function for the addon.

That’s it !
You will get a success message if the module is created successfully.

You can login to Softaculous Client Center and verify that the license was issued with the correct details.

Similarly you can test the Suspend, Unsuspend, Terminate, View License commands.

  • In case of Suspend the Auto Renewals of the license will be cancelled (if any).
  • In case of Terminate the license will be cancelled and if the license was issued less than 7 days ago the transaction will be refunded.
  • In case of View License you will be redirected to Softaculous Client Center.


If you need any assistance then please contact Softaculous Support.

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