How to Restore a Backup on a New Server


If you want to Backup an Installation and Restore it on a New Server (For eg. If you want a Backup of your WordPress Installation.) 

Note : The backup will work fine only if the domain name and the path to the domain is the same as installation on old server.

1) Backup the WordPress installation as shown in the figure below.

2) Then Click on the Backup Installation icon.

3) Go to the Backups page.

4) Then download the Backup from the backups page.

5) If the control panel username and domain name has changed you need to do the following changes in the backupinfo file:
softpath, path, softdb, softdbuser, softurl, softdomain
(You need to untar the backup to get the backupinfo file which has same name as that of backup, make the required changes as given above, update the serialization count and create the tar backup file)
For example, if the backup file name is wp.26_91250.2020-03-24_07-56-12.tar.gz then the backupinfo file name will be wp.26_91250.2020-03-24_07-56-12

NOTE: Please make sure the serialization count is updated correctly otherwise the backup will not work.

6) Copy this backup file on your new server at the following path /home/USERNAME/softaculous_backups/

7) Now go to the Backups Page on the new server.

8) You can see your backup listed here. Just Restore that backup as shown in the figure below and your Old installation is Restored and ready to use.

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