Install Script in Your Language

To install a script in your native language

This tutorial will show you how to install a script in your language on Softaculous. I will be taking an example of WordPress which is a popular blogging script and install it in French.

Login to Panel

Go to your panel (e.g. cPanel’s url will be and login with your details. There click on the Softaculous Icon or Link. The Softaculous Panel will open.

Choose a Script

On the left side you will find some categories of Scripts. 

Choose a script from it. We are installing WordPress, which belongs to the category Blogs.

The Script details will appear with various details like ratings, reviews, demo url etc.

Fill in the Installation Details

Click on the Install Tab.

Fill in the details like domain name , protocols, admin username, admin password ,etc. 
You can choose your language as well, there are several scripts which can be installed in multiple languages. 
You can refer Scripts_Languages page for the complete list of scripts available in your language.

Click Install

Click on install and this should do the trick. Installation time may vary in accordance to size of the script and other factors, So please be patient.

Click on the Links provided by Softaculous after the installation is over.This should redirect you directly to the Site page or the admin homepage.

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