Purchase Enduser License


The Softaculous enduser license allows you to use the premium features of Softaculous when your server admin has installed the Free version of Softaculous.

Note: The Softaculous enduser license is valid only for one control panel account and cannot be used on more than one control panel account at a time. If you wish to offer Softaculous to all the users on your server please purchase a server license here.

Login to Panel

Go to your enduser panel (e.g. cPanel’s url will be https://domain.com:2083) and login with your details. There click on the Softaculous Icon or Link. The Softaculous Enduser Panel will open.

Go to Plans Page

Once you have reached the Softaculous enduser panel to to the Plans page from the link in the upper right corner of the page as show below.

Note: If you do not see this option in your Softaculous enduser panel it means you server admin already has a premium license for Softaculous and you do not need to purchase a license. You can simply use Softaculous.

Purchase Button

On the Plans page click on the Purchase button. You can view the difference between the Free and Premium version.

Login to Softaculous Client Area

You will be redirected to Softaculous client area where you can login with your Softaculous account or create a new account.

Make the Payment

Now you will see the order page with the details and the button to make the payment. Choose the payment method and make the payment.

Complete the payment.

Payment Successful

After making the payment you will be redirected to the Softaculous client area and you will see the success page with your Softaculous enduser license key and invoice details.

Click on the “Auto Apply license in Softaculous” button to apply the license in your Softaculous enduser panel automatically. If this button does not appear or if it does not work you can install the license manually using this guide.

Installing the license

You will see the below screen after installing the license successfully.

That’s it ! You have successfully purchased and installed the license.

If you need any assistance feel free to contact us at support@softaculous.com

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